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This book provides parents with a comprehensive, scientifically based guide to the facts, myths, problems and solutions associated with raising a vaccine free child. It helps parents protect their children both from the wiles of the vaccine industry and from harmful germs. There are no trendy anti-vaccination myths in this book. The information is fully referenced and factually based. Readers will learn that immunization is not the reason for the absence of some infectious diseases, that insidious, long-term side effects of vaccination are very common, and that there is a media blackout on the topics of vaccine damage and vaccine failures.

Understanding the difference between childhood diseases and the other infectious diseases is the key to understanding immunisation. Modern medicine fails to recognise that childhood illnesses are self-resolving, and prescribes interventions that increase the risk of complications. Raising a Vaccine Free Child explains why the self-resolving diseases, like measles, mumps, chickenpox and rubella, do not need intervention, but do need proper care to prevent complications from developing. It also advises parents on how to bring children safely through childhood diseases, and discusses the prevention and treatment of the malevolent infectious diseases that are not self-resolving, such as polio and tetanus.

Raising a Vaccine Free Child helps parents of vaccine free children cope with aggression from individuals and with intimidation from the medical authorities, and by revealing how the myth of herd immunity was concocted, it empowers parents to withstand the accusation that they are spoiling herd immunity. The book demonstrates that the long-term side effects of vaccination have not been assessed at any time in any country. A look at the history of vaccination reveals that it is an unscientific procedure that is based on falsehood, cruelty and supposition.

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